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Assos Pharmaceuticals maintains its activities on mainly dermatology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, gynecology, pediatry, orthopedic surgery, physical therapy nephrology, neurology, gastroenterology and cosmetology fields with unique products.

Since its foundation, our company focused on the medical areas through the identification of field in which appropriate solution has not been achieved. Assos Pharmaceuticals introduced many vital products to the service of Turkish Medicine by pioneering for important innovations.


Within the frame work of responsibility and awareness of health sector, it is our major objectives to provide accurate and reliable information about our products to health professionals in the context of ethical rules and to be reliable partner for their medical practices.


It is part of our understanding to fulfill our patients and customer needs with high quality of products and to determine the problems of patients and customers and solutions through continuous and adequate communication and put emphasis and respect on their rights and working conditions.


In all our commercial activities, we consider social, cultural and ethical values exist in our working discipline related to medical sector.

With regard to our activities, we have intention of maintain our performance without any damage to environment, bearing in mind that it will be inherited to next generations


Assos, have 13 area management offices and well established field force with more than 150 reps throughout Turkey. We created partnership with distinguished pharmaceutical and cosmetical companies of USA, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, England and Belgium.

Sales- Marketing
Our mission is to ensure our people to have more qualified health service increase quality of life and extend their life expectancy. On these principles, Assos offers promotion to doctors, pharmacist on the ground of scientific evidences and ethical rules. Our department focuses on creative solutions in marketing activities without ruling out of the medical and ethical values and scientific realities. Our department continuously renovates it selves by trusting its equities.

Following the approval permission of MOH, management of pricing issues, preparation of application of products for the reimbursement issue, as well as during this process to monitor all activities relevant with national and international levels is under the responsibility of registration department.

Medical Department
Medical department is in charge of management of clinical trials, coordination of all these activities, medical support of our products, conduct studies, communicate our products to field force and doctors most efficiently and to maintain pharmacovigilance activities and support registration department

Training Department
Our training department is in a continuous effort to train our staff in medical and technical aspects of task as required by the nature of job, particularly to ensure our field force representatives training at utmost standards. For the professional and individual development of our staff, training programs are put in practice through designation of performance interviews and assessments throughout the year. Our goal is to promote our products on the ground of scientific and ethical values with the introduction of new developments and innovation to our staff to ensure their orientation. These activities are so called ASSOS Academy that will provide our company privilege identity in the sector.

Finance Department
Financial analysis, planning and controlling, budget systems, formulation of business strategies and its implementation, capital management, accounting and development of financial system are under the responsibility of this department. In addition, finance department is in charge of planning for short and long term resource utilization and its supervision and improvement of planning.

Human Resources
Establishing staff loyalty, self - reliance and self esteem, sense of responsibility, increase awareness, together with organizational development consciousness, creation of human and result oriented practices and receiving efficient feed backs are among the duties of human resources.

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