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Human Resources

Success is the achievement of personal satisfaction and happiness of our employees. Our goal is to create a working environment where all the employees will be happy and proud to be working there. Experience and training will help our human resources to be improved and this will contribute in development of our working environment as Assos Academy

We recruit new candidates for vacant positions who are consistent with our company's culture and policy.

Our recruitment process starts with the assessment of applications reaching via electronic environment and fax. First of all, applications concerning for vacant positions received by "a new job" which is a head hunter association flows to our candidate's data pool. We canalize applications with having specified competencies and capabilities to relevant "possible candidate "pool.

Outside İstanbul, applications for Product Specialist interviews is carried out by the area manager. When interviews are realized in a positive manner, then candidates are directed to our office in Istanbul for the second interviews with Sales Manager and Human Resources Manager. 

After completing interviews, we propose job opportunity to candidates whom are assessed as suitable for us, if our proposal accepted by the candidate, we then continue to work with our new friends on our way.

To see vacant positions, you can go through, www.kariyer.net web site.

Performance Management
Since we are convinced that institutional development is only possible with personal success, we give great importance on performance management by contributing our staff to maximize their professional and individual development, supporting them in their current task to achieve the best work and rendering their loyalty consistent to company.

Performance management is conducted once a year with field force on the basis of double calls, examination results, regional and individual sales performance through electronic environment.
For headquarters staff performance assessment is realized by their manager taking into account of their professional and individual development and success stories.

Performance management is one of the best human resources practices among our efforts in order our staff to observe their success and improvements as well as provide data on how designated goal achieved or not and to which extent.

Carrier Management
It is an important part of our corporation culture to bring up future manager and team leaders from the first step within the structure of the company. Each manager is obliged to complete with success and gain adequate experience in the product representatives' task as accepted first stage of working level in ASSOS.

Training Management and Development Planning
Our training and development programs which was set up for our staff, designates the bench mark our companies to reach future targets.

Elimination of the difference between the current levels of our staff in their position and desired levels to be targeted, development of their accomplishments through identification of training and developments needs and receiving the most effective feedback are considered as our main task.

Motivation and Rewarding
Organizasyonel amaçlarımızı gerçekleştirmede, verimliliği arttırmak, çalışanlarımızın iş yaşamına ve şirkete olan bağlılıklarını sürekli kılmak amacıyla çalışanlarımızın yıl içerisinde gösterdikleri performansa bağlı olarak maddi ve manevi ödüllendirmeler yapılmaktadır.

Wage management
In case of changing positions and promotion, our company evaluates wage revisions in accordance with company wage policy.

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