Aethoxysklerol® %2

I.V. Ampoule Containing Solution for Injection

Active Ingredients
I.V, Ampoule Containing Solution for Injection Sterile
Active Substance :
Lauromacrogol 400
Active Substance:
6 ampoules each containing 2 ml of solution
* Directions for use and short product information have been uploaded in Turkish.

AETHOXYSKLEROL® %2 is used for the treatment of medium-sized varicose veins (eg collateral varicose veins) by sclerization.

AETHOXYSKLEROL® is used for sclerotherapy * treatment of web -like weins and central veins of web-like veins by sclerotherapy*. * Sclerotherapy is a method of completely closing the vascular cavity by injecting a sclerosing solution (shrinking agent) into the varicose vein (in case of venous enlargement).

In general, the recommended daily dose of 2 mg lauromacrogol 400 per 1 kg of body weight should not be exceeded. For a patient weighing 70 kg, a total of up to 140 mg of lauromacrogol 400 may be injected. 140 mg lauromacrogol 400 is contained in 7 ml of AETHOXYSKLEROL

I.V Solution for Injection