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For the emerging vacant positions within our company
we recruit candidates who have the characteristics and competencies in line with the corporate culture, policy and goals.
Our recruitment and employment process starts with an evaluation of the applications that reach our company by various means (, our internet site, The job applications made through the human resources site for the vacant positions in our company are gathered in our pool of candidates, as we are in collaboration with this web site. The job applications of the candidates who have the necessary competencies and qualifications for the vacant positions in our company are directed to the relevant candidate pool. The interview process is completed with various tools we use in the recruitment process. And then, job offers are made to the suitable candidates. And afterwards, the orientation and training process starts for the candidate.


We aim to work towards meeting all knowledge, skills and learning needs that will enable the employee to adapt to the job and corporate processes.
Our most important source is training. All our training and development activities are carried out under the structure of Assos Academy by our Trainers who are specialists in their fields. We also aim at directing the careers of our people by developing them further. As a result of this, we develop our own managers from our own organization, and raise them with Assos culture, and then go forward to the same target together.


We attach great importance to performance management in order to contribute to the professional and personal development of our employees to the highest level to ensure that they receive the necessary support for them to do their best in their current duties, and to maintain their commitment to the institution.

Performance assessment is evaluated within our organization together with various Human Resources applications. Performance Management is among our most important Human Resources practices that contribute to the determination of training and development needs, as well as allowing our employees to see their own success and the aspects they need to improve.


We select our candidates in line with our corporate culture, and then we prepare them for the field and for the position that they will fill by giving them top level training courses. We prefer to call our field force members “Product Consultant” instead of “Medical Representative” which is most commonly used in the sector. The reason is that we place greatest importance on training, and we aim at presenting our products only with knowledge. As Assos Pharmaceuticals, we prefer to choose our managers among our employees whose qualifications we have developed ourselves for both field positions and head office positions. And we consider this application to be one of our corporate principles. The fact that we choose our managers among our employees whose career qualifications and personal features we have developed with our growing corporate structure is an indication of going up the career steps in ASSOS firmly.