Siliskar® Gel

Product Information
Use of:
2 daily
Net Amount:
50 g

When skin integrity is disrupted due to surgical incisions, injuries and burns on the skin, wound healing mechanisms in the skin are get involved and the skin repairs itself. However, there is a high risk of pathological scar (keloid) formation on the skin during wound healing. After the skin integrity is impaired, some preventive treatments are applied to prevent the development of a pathological scar. This process takes at least 3 months. Because it is known that the scar that may occur in the relevant area is not visible for a few months, but pathophysiological processes continue under the skin. If an application is not made to prevent scar development during this period, the risk of scarring in the future increases. Also, when a scar appears after a few months, it is much more difficult and costly to treat than to prevent it from forming. For this reason, it is necessary to prevent scar development after each incision and injury. Silicone gels (Dimethicone) are active ingredients that help prevent scarring. With its covering (preventing contact with air) properties, it helps to provide moistness to the wound area, increase the flexibility of the wound area, reduce its thickness and reduce itching and redness in the wound area.