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  2. Assos Pharmaceuticals is a healthcare organization which has been operating and carrying out its activities since 1996 with local capital, endeavoring to detect the treatment fields where no sufficient solutions are found and to find effective and reliable solutions in these fields.
  4. Since it’s establishment, our company has been pioneering significant novelties by detecting the treatment fields where hardly any sufficient solutions are presented and aims to continue presenting products of vital importance to Turkish medicine.
  5. It is among our main goals to present the correct and reliable information regarding our products to the health professionals within the framework of ethical rules.
  6. In our sectoral activities, we protect social, cultural, and ethical values that we have in our culture, and we carry out our work in line with all the national and international rules and regulations.
  7. We conduct our work and studies in a way trying not to cause harm to the environment instead show care and diligence to the environment so that we can carry it forward to the next generations.
  9. We aim to have our employees make beneficial contributions to our enterprise with an awareness of organizational development.
  10. We are endeavoring to make our enterprise into “Assos Academy” by virtue of knowledge and experiences obtained within our organization.
  11. Our principles;
    1. Honesty
    2. Sedulity
    3. Working within the framework of ethical values

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