ASSOS Pharmaceuticals
Get to Know Us

Assos Pharmaceuticals is a health establishment which has been operating with domestic capital since 1996 and aiming to detect efficient and reliable solutions for the treatment fields where no sufficient solutions have been provided.

Our Values

Our company since its establishment has identified treatment fields where hardly any sufficient solutions were presented and pioneered significant novelties, and therefore, has the goal of bringing in the products that have vital importance to the use of the Turkish medicine. It is among our main goals and aims to present the correct and reliable data and information with respect to our products to the health professionals for whom we render services within the framework of ethical rules. In our sectoral activities, we stake out of claim for the social, cultural and ethical values that exist in our culture, and we work in accordance with all national and international rules. We accomplish our works and studies in a way to show care and attention to the environment so that we can carry it forward to the next generations.


With the awareness of organizational development, we aim to ensure that our employees contribute positively to the corporate culture. By virtue of knowledge and experience gained within this organization, we are trying to make our institution an Assos Academy.

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