Anti-Potasium® 880 mg/g Granuls

Polystyrene sulphonate calcium salt
Active Ingredients
Commercial Form:
20 Pochettes
Active Substance:
Polystyrene sulphonate calcium salt
* Directions for use and short product information have been uploaded in Turkish.

ANTI POTASIUM is a medicinal product in the form of granules, belonging to the group of drugs used in the treatment of elevated potassium in the blood. ANTI-POTASIUM® contains Polystyrene sulphonate calcium salt.

It is used in the treatment of elevated potassium in the blood: Treatment and prophylaxy of high serum potassium between hemodialysis session in dialysis patients with renal failure Treatment of potassium intoxication.

ANTI-POTASIUM® can be administered by oral or rectal route. By oral route: In adults: For the treatment of diagnosed hyperkalaemia in adults, 2-4 x 1 pochette (15 grams) of ANTI-POTASIUM® is administered in some liquid or mixed with food. Orally: 1 pochette (15 grams) of ANTI-POTASIUM® should be drunk immediately in 100 ml of water, milk, tea or coffee or mixed with food. By rectal route: The average daily dose is 1-2 x 2 pochettes (30 grams are administered in the form of a retention enema. By rectal route: 2 pochettes (30 gram) granules is dissolved in 100 -200 ml liquid (water or 5 % glucose) and brought to the body temperature and administered through rectal route with enema (retention enema) allowing the product to stay in the intestines. Liquid administered by enema should be kept at least 4 hours inside.