ClindaTre® 12 mg/g + 0.25 mg/g Gel

Clindamycin Phosphate + Tretinoin
Active Ingredients
Commercial Form:
Homogeneous yellowish gel
Active Substance:
Clindamycin Phosphate + Tretinoin
* Directions for use and short product information have been uploaded in Turkish.

CLINDATRE® is a medicinal product which contains clindamycin phosphate, an antibiotic as an active substance, and tretinoin, which is included in a group called retinoids associated with vitamin A, and is applied to the skin.

CLINDATRE® is used in the treatment of acne (acne vulgaris; acne; puberty acne) in people over 12 years old; these two active ingredients effective in acne are more effective when used in the same gel than when used separately.

A pea-chickpea sized CLINDATRE® is applied once a day before going to bed. Before applying the drug, dry your face by washing it thoroughly with a sensitive cleanser suitable for the skin with acne, and then squeeze the pea or chickpea-sized gel on your fingertips and touch the chin, cheeks, nose and forehead skin and spread it gently on the skin of the face as a thin layer.