With this Cookie Policy Clarification text, we aim at providing information about in what ways we process your data as data owners and by using what cookies and also about what purposes your data are used during the operation of the internet site (website) which we own and which you visit.

In the process of using the website, such data as your searching and using habits, advertisement preferences which don’t contain personal information and which are not used for identity determination are utilized. Such data are called “Cookies”.

Cookies , are small text files through which you have access to websites and you can store data and which you can save in your computers, mobile phone devices, tablets, and other mobile devices. In these files, information regarding your using habits and preferences are kept which are formed by use of your using the website. The sorts and types of cookies used in websites are as follows:

1.1.The Cookies which are obligatory to use: These cookies are those which are necessarily required for the proper operation of the website. These cookies are needed so that the system can be managed and that fake operations can be prevented. And in the event that they are prevented, the website cannot be operated. In using these cookies, it is not necessary for us to have your permission.

1.2.Function Cookies: These cookies are those which are used in order to let you have more developed and easier experience of using. For example, they have such functions as reminding you previous preferences, and providing for the possibility of reaching some contents easily on the website. You can prevent the using of the cookies in the manner explained below in detail.

1.3.Analysis/Performance Cookies:These cookies are those which help us to analyze and understand the operation of the website, the number of visits, and they also help us to develop our website by way of interacting with you and to increase our user friendly characteristics.

1.4.Targeting/Advertisement Cookies These cookies are those which are used by us in order to present the contents to you which may attract your interest including advertisement contents.

1.5.Third Party Cookies: In order that some services can be presented with the use of the website, we work with some third party suppliers who perform cookie settings in your device on your behalf when you visit the website. Therefore, we would recommend that you should apply to the privacy policies of these third party suppliers in order that you can have information about the cookie use.

1.6.Social Media/Sharing Cookies: It allows you to share the comments, votes, pages, and bookmarks and to present easier access to social networks and social means.

Pursuant to article 6 of the Law number 5651 about the Regulation of the Broadcasts Made on the Internet and Struggling Against Crimes Committed Through these publications, the cookies belonging to you as visitors are stored for two (2) years and then they are destroyed automatically at the end of this period.

The Cookies that are created in the process of using our website as Assos İlaç will remember the Cookies that are created within the processes on your devices through which you have access when you use the website again. By this means, the Cookies are used and followed up for the following purposes;

3.1.For the development of the services presented to you by way of increasing the functionality and performance of the website,

3.2.For improving the website and for presenting the new features through the website and for the personalization of the features presented according to your preferences,

3.3.For the acceleration of the future actions of you as the visitors in the website,

3.4.For providing the legal and commercial security of yourself and Assos İlaç. /p>

In order to realize any one of the above mentioned purposes, the cookies may be shared with such third parties as outsourcing service providers, agencies, hosting service providers, consultants who give supporting services, research companies, call centers, including those who send SMS’s, and also with regulating and auditing bodies and organs, organizations and institutions which are authorized to demand them and they may also be shared for the purposes of fulfilling our legal liabilities and with our affiliated companies and subsidiaries.

Using the cookies allows us to give you our visitors better service through the website. However, if you like, you can prevent the use of the Cookies. However, please keep in mind that if you do that, you may not fully benefit from and make use of website and that the website may not be operated with full functions. For this prevention of the cookies, you should change the settings of your internet browser. These changes may vary from one device and internet browser to another. Below you will find information which you will need in order to prevent the use of the cookies through different internet browsers:
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Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
6. User Acceptance
As long as you don’t change your cookie settings through your browser we will assume that you accept to use the cookies in this website.

Assos İlaç has the right to make changes in this cookie policy at any time of its choice. The relevant people may have access to the up-to-date form of the cookie policy on the web address