Garmastan® Pomade

Product Information
Use Of:
It is applied following each breastfeeding
Net Amount:
20 g

Nipple and Areolas Cracks Nipple cracks may occur around areolas, nipple, as a transverse line. Nipple cracks are rather unsettling feeling so that they cause the mother to avoid breastfeeding the baby and consequently the baby not being able to benefit from breast milk sufficiently. Prevention of nipple cracks and rapid repair of the cracks are very important for uninterrupted breastfeeding. Gayazulen is a natural, herbal ingredient that helps prevent nipple cracks and repair nipple cracks. Gayazulen both moisturizes the nipple and contributes to the continuation of breastfeeding by repairing the crack. It is an easy-to-apply herbal ingredient with its natural, animal fat-free, odorless, hypoallergenic, water-based structure.

It is applied following each breastfeeding as a thin layer around the nipple and areolas. It can be used from the 8th month of pregnancy. Thus, the nipple is prepared against the mechanical effect that will occur during breastfeeding.