Imex® Syndet

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Used as often as needed.
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100 g
Syndet Bar
Glycerine, Allantoin, Lactic acid, Panthenol, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate

Cleansing Skin Prone to Acne (Pimple)
Scientific publications report that proper skin cleansing is very important in acne prone skin. Especially, if there are other products used by people with this type of skin for acne, it is reported that first the skin should be cleaned correctly and then other products should be used.
In acne prone skin, the wrong choice of cleansers can dry the skin and adversely affect the smoothness of the skin. Especially since soaps are not compatible with skin pH, they can make cleansing harshly.
Hard cleaning of the skin may cause dryness and increase of acne-specific complaints in acne-prone skin (Soaps are not compatible with the skin pH, because they contain basic substances in their chemical structure and they do harsh cleaning.If they seem compatible with the skin pH first, they become basic during the cleaning process). Syndet Cleaners; they are dermatological cleaning bar, which have a very different chemical structure from soaps, because they do not contain any basic substances. Since it is compatible with the skin pH, it provides sensitive cleaning without drying the skin. Scientific publications show that the use of syndet cleanser in acneprone skin significantly reduces dryness, burning, stinging and itching compared to soap use. Syndet cleanser bars are special cleansers produced for the correct cleansing of acne-prone skin.

Use as often as needed 

Syndet Bar