One of leading principles of Assos İlaç is to protect the privacy of those who visit our website (hereinafter referred to as “Data Owner”) www. (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) processed by Assos İlaç Kimya Gıda Ürünleri Üretim ve Tic. A.S. (“Assos Pharmaceuticals”). With the Privacy Policy on the Website (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy"); In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 and its secondary legislation (hereinafter referred to as the "Law"), we make explanations about personal data processed by us and / or through the data processor as data controller.

Assos İlaç acts with high level of care in the processing and protection of personal data in accordance with the Law and attributes great importance to your privacy. For this reason, during your visit to the Website, some of your personal data may be processed within the scope explained below by Assos İlaç as being the data controller which is liable and responsible for the determination of the purposes and means of processing data, for establishing and for managing the data registration system, and therefore, we would like to clarify the scope of our data processing activity for you.

Your personal data which are obtained during your visit to our website may be processed by Assos İlaç in accordance with articles 5 and 6 of the Law for the purposes explained here below:

Carrying out emergency management processes; carrying out information security processes; carrying out processes of selecting and recruiting employee candidates, trainees, and students; carrying out auditing and ethical activities; carrying out clinical trial processes; carrying out the activities in line with the legislation; carrying out financial and accounting activities: carrying out and following up legal affairs; carrying out communication activities; planning human resources processes; carrying out and auditing business activities; carrying out the processes of procurement of goods and services, carrying out the processes of support services after sales of goods and services; carrying out the processes of the sales of goods and services; carrying out agreement (contract) processes; assuring the security of movable goods and resources; carrying out the processes and activities of advertising, promotional, and marketing of goods and services; giving information to the authorized persons, organization, organs, and bodies; and for creating visitor registrations and follow-ups,

Your personal data which are obtained through your visits to the website may be transmitted to our business partners, affiliated companies and subsidiaries, suppliers, third parties from whom we receive services, our advisors and consultants, legally authorized public organizations and organs, and persons according to the data processing purposes and conditions indicated in articles 8 and 9 of the Law, in this Policy and in the Cookie Policy.

All sorts of information which makes your identity specified or specifiable is personal datum. Your personal data are collected during your visit to the website in the event of your open consent or based on the personal data collection and processing conditions indicated in articles 5 and 6 of the Law. Due to your visit to the website in accordance with the data processing conditions indicated in the Law, your personal data are collected through cookies which do not contain personal information and are only technical communication files. You can reach detailed information about the cookies in the Cookies Policy in the website.

You can transmit your demands to the Data Controller in accordance with the communiqué about the Procedures and Principles of Applying to the Data Controller within the scope of Article 11 of the Law which regulates “the rights and obligations of the relevant person” by employing one of the methods indicated here below;

4.1. By submitting the Application Form in our website as wet signed to our address at Huzur Mahallesi Tosya Caddesi no:5 34773 Ümraniye, İstanbul

4.2. By submitting a message to our registered electronic mail address by writing “Information Demand within the Scope of the Law of Protection of Personal Data” in the subject caption,

By submitting a message to our registered electronic mail address by writing “Information Demand within the Scope of the Law of Protection of Personal Data” in the subject caption .

Even though it is a principle that no charge should be requested with respect to the demands, a charge within the scope of the Tariff of Fares which is specified by the Personal Data Protection Board may be requested in the event that Assos İlaç incurs an additional cost.

We would like to remind you once again that Assos İlaç may require additional verifications for the purposes of confirming the correctness of your identity information during the applications. Within this scope, the required personal information is used only for the purposes of fulfilling the liability of identity verification and legal responsibility within the scope of the Law.

In your written application the date communicated to us as data controller is your application date; In your application which you have made by applying the other methods your application date will be accepted as the date when your application has reached us as the data controller.

be accepted as the date when your application has reached us as the data controller. If you have got information and documents regarding your demand, we kindly ask you to add them to your application.

In accordance with the importance given by our company to the protection of personal data and with the assurance of data security, in line with article 12 of the Law our company;

5.1.Takes all the measures in order to prevent the processing of personal data contrary to the Law,

5.2.Takes all the measures in order to prevent the reaching to the personal data illegally,

5.3.Takes all the technical and administrative measures in order to protect your personal data and assure the proper security level for this purpose.

Assos İlaç is entitled to make amendments and changes in the Privacy Policy at any time of its choice. Related persons can reach the updated form of the Privacy Policy any time on Please click here for the Application Form for the data owner.