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1. The websitewww.assospharma.combelongs to Assos İlaç Kimya Gıda Ürünleri Üretim ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (hereinafter referred to as “Assos İlaç”). The contents of the website also belongs to Assos İlaç, and the technical matters are dealt with by Eren Dijital Yazılım Reklam ve Danışmanlık Tic. Ltd. Şti. The contents of the website has only been prepared for education purposes and for providing general information about the product. The contents by no means bears the purposes of giving advice about our product, general health, indications, medical diagnosis, or treatment, and it doesn’t have any purposes of taking the place of a doctor’s advice. For this reason, we would like to indicate that you should consult your doctor or pharmacist in any case.

2. This website and all the contents of this website have been prepared in accordance with the legislation.

3. By visiting this website, you are considered to have accepted acting within the scope of the conditions stipulated in this agreement and complying with those conditions. Assos İlaç reserves the right to change all the legal texts in this website when Assos İlaç considers it necessary to make changes without being obligated to inform the visitors beforehand. You can always reach the updated version of this agreement by means of the link in the website. Your visiting this website shall always mean that you have accepted the terms and conditions of the agreement, and that you have also accepted the changes and amendments than can be made in the agreement anytime.

4. The contents included in this website belongs to Assos İlaç. These contents are only for those users who live in Turkey. In the event that access to this website is made at a place outside the borders of the Republic of Turkey, the compliance with the laws must be confirmed by the visitor; in the event of such a use of the website, the whole responsibility rests with the visitor. Access to the information in this website and use of such information are subject to this agreement and to the legislation of the Republic of Turkey in effect. If it is found that the terms and conditions of the agreement are invalid or against the laws which are or will be in effect, the validity of the rest of the agreement is not affected by this invalidity and will be assessed separately. The website, its contents, and the disputes and controversies regarding these terms of use agreement are subject to the judiciary power of the Republic of Turkey.

5. Information on this website may change in parallel with new scientific developments. The information provided in this website may not contain the most updated applications and/or opinions and ideas. In this website the opinions and ideas, works and studies of the people specialized in their field and their statements and declarations in the media may be included and also quoted in whole or in part. The views and opinions of the specialized people do not ever reflect the opinions and ideas of Assos İlaç, and therefore, Assos İlaç may not be held liable or responsible for the correctness, incompleteness or being up-to-date of such opinions, studies, statements, and/or articles.

6. Assos İlaç may not be held liable or responsible for any losses that may arise out of your access to this website or your use of any information and contents and so on in this website or the use of the links in this website or due to your inability or the impossibility of reaching this website.

7. Assos İlaç may not be held liable or responsible for any damages that may arise due to your acts and actions in line with the information included in this website. Therefore, you should assess the risks that may arise out of the use of the information in this website, and consider all sorts of risks. At the same time, Assos İlaç may not be held responsible or liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise due to your use of any content in this website or due to the fact that you haven’t considered any of the contents in this website.

8. our personal information may be processed directly or indirectly in this website. You can reach the clarification text in this matter through the Privacy Policyin this website.

9. It is possible to access on to other web sites belonging to third parties by use of the links. Assos İlaç is not liable and responsible for the contents of those links. The visitors accept and undertake that they take on the risks themselves due to the clicking the links. The fact that the website of Assos İlaç has links to pass on to the websites of third parties does not mean that Assos İlaç approves the contents of such websites and/or the use of these websites.

10. All the images, videos, designs, interfaces, user controls, processes, and programs, and also all the registered trademarks, commercial titles, logos, and service brands belonging to Assos İlaç and included in this website may not be used, duplicated and multiplied, published and publicized, copied, their contents may not be changed, downloaded, differentiated in terms of their quality, distributed and/or made a subject of commercial use in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Assos İlaç. Assos İlaç may apply to all legal and penal means for the purposes of protecting its intellectual property rights in this website and in its contents.

11. We suggest that the actuality, currency, and correctness of the information included in this website should be checked even though they are correct and current as of the date when they are published and publicized, because they may lose these properties over time.

12. The explanations and interpretations included in this website are given for informing purposes, and they should never be used in place of the advice of your doctor. We would advise you to directly contact Assos İlaç when you are in need of any additional information regarding the product(s) given in this website or when you look for answers to your questions.

13. This agreement will automatically terminate if you stop using this website in accordance with the Terms of this Agreement and destroy all of the content you have received from the website.

14. In the event that you infringe the terms and conditions of the agreement, Assos İlaç has the right to prevent you from entering into this website.

15.Pursuant to this agreement in the event of all of your wrongful acts and as a result of your activities against Law including negligence, only the courts and execution offices of the Anatolian Side of İstanbul will be exclusively authorized to deal with the lawsuits, disputes, and proceedings.