Vagi-flora® Rapid Tablets

Product Information
1 vaginal tablet with 4 days intevals
Net Amount:
2 Vaginal Tablets
Vaginal Tablet
Lcr Regenerans (Lactobacillus casei subsp. rhamnosus –Döderlein- lyophilized culture)

Vagi-flora® Rapid consists of Lactobacillus rhamnosus (Döderlein) bacterial strain, one of the lactobacilli naturally found in the vagina. This precursor strain helps to restore the natural flora of every woman by reducing the colonization of infectious microorganisms (the reproduction of bacteria in the body area without causing any clinical picture).

*For the regulation of vaginal flora in fungal, vaginosis and genital areae disorders, 1 tablet is used every 4 days for an 8-day treatment period.

*In recurrent fungal infections and vaginosis, 1 tablet is used every 4 days for a 24-day treatment period to restore the flora and prevent recurrence. Vagi-flora® Rapid is generally used as add-on therapy after local antibiotic or local antifungal therapy, and concurrently with oral antibiotic therapy.

Vaginal Tablet